Housatonic River Projects Across New England

The Housatonic River Walk Project:
                                           Housatonic RiverWalk represents a number of riverbank clean-up and trail
                                           building efforts by local volunteers.

                                           During the last twelveyears, 1300 local residents have removed more than
                                           265 tons of rubbish, wood waste, and construction debris from numerous
                                           sites on the west bank of the Housatonic River between Cottage and
                                           Bridge Streets in downtown Great Barrington.

                                           In 1988, the Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires led the
                                           removal of 30 yards of inherited rubbish and demolition debris behind their
                                           newly acquired Riverbank House at 195 Main Street. Six months later,
                                           approximately 70 students from the Searles Middle School Eighth Grade
                                           Class cleared 266 feet of riverbank by their school of its litter, excess
                                           brush and storm damage. In 1991, a clean-up behind Brooks

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