Cultures Along the Euphrates
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    Cities were built for gods and goddesses.  Each city would have a temple with a god or goddess in it.  Sacrifices were made for the gods that lived in the temple.  Priests became very rich off the sacrifices or gifts that Sumerians gave.  Sumerians were an ancient civilization that lived along the Tigris and Euphrates.  The Sumerians invented many writing tools for that period.  Ironically, not many Sumerians knew how to write, only trained men called scribes were taught.
    Like the Egyptians the Sumerians buried their dead with gold and jewelry.  They believed that these possessions would remain with them in their afterlife.  They thought that a person of wealth was more important and that the gods would respect a person more if they possessed riches.

Photo of a Sumerian temple

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