Tom Chandler

Toy Firing Squad (2008)
Sad Jazz

Wingbones (1998)
One Tree Forest (1992)
The Sound The Moon Makes As It Watches (1988)

Selected Poems
Selling Door to Door (from Wingbones)
The Lumper (from Wingbones)
My Father, Carving (from Wingbones)
Evening Flight (from One Tree Forest)
The Lobsters
(from Sad Jazz)
Curriculum Vitae
(Published in Cumberland Poetry Review)
For David Cicilline (Inaugural poem for the Mayor of Providence)
Jerimoth Hill (Published on, website of the Academy of American Poets)
This Story (from Toy Firing Squad)
Skipping Stones (from Toy Firing Squad)
Song & Dance Man (from Toy Firing Squad)
So much depends upon (from Hawaii Pacific Review’s “Best of the Decade”)



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