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Faculty:Gaytha Langlois

Gaytha A. Langlois

Department: Science and Technology

Title: Professor

Contact Information: 


  • Ph.D. in Biological Science, University of Rhode Island, 1971
  • M.A. in Zoology, University of Rhode Island, 1969
  • B.A. in Biology, Eastern Nazarene College, 1963

Academic Interests: Water pollution, oil pollution impacts on marine and estuarine biotic communities, hazardous waste policy, land use planning, GIS, sustainable development practices, environmental education, web site design for distance learning courses.


Environmental Policy: Technology, Business and Government

Ecology: Theory and Applications

Energy Management Strategies

GIS Applications for Environmental Protection (Directed Study Course)

Professional Activities:

  • Co-Coordinator, Bryant College Environmental Sciences Minor.
  • Chair, Rhode Island Aquafund Advisory Commission; Board of Directors for Audubon Society of Rhode Island; Board of Directors for Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association; Outside Principal Investigator for Marine Ecosystems Laboratory, University of Rhode Island; Member, Society of Protozoologists, and the Rhode Island Natural History Association.
  • Numerous publications on hazardous waste, microbial ecology, and distance learning.
  • Langlois, G.A., and Barrett Litoff, J. (2000) A new paradigm for transforming educational, economic, and civic practices in Belarus: a collaborative learning at a distance program linking the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the European Humanities University, Minsk, and Bryant College, Smithfield, RI, USA. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Managing Global Business in the Internet Age, Beijing, China.
  • Barrett Litoff, J., Langlois, G.A., (1999) Using technology to foster collaborative learning at a distance: The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Bryant College connection. Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology and Education (forthcoming).
  • Barrett Litoff, J., and Langlois, G.A. (1999) Using a non-hierarchical approach to collaborative learning projects: the Bryant College model. AABSS Perspectives Electronic Journal, vol. 2.
  • Barrett Litoff, J., Langlois, G.A., and Ilacqua, J. (1999) Innovative collaboration: using the Internet to foster technology transfer for countries with economies in transition. Proceedings of the 1998 Science and Innovation Policy International Conference of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (in Russian and English).
  • Langlois, G.A., and Coats, D.W. (1997) Symposium introductory remarks: Protistan predation dynamics. Journal of Eucaryotic Microbiology, vol. 44.
  • Langlois, G.A., and Rowlands, C.A. (1983) Strategies for linking technical information to occupational health decisions, part I and part II. Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials Report 3(4):2-7 and 3(5):2-8.

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Collaborative Learning at a Distance 

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Sustainable Business Practices

International Research Collaboration

1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917
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