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Faculty:Hong Yang

Hong Yang

Department: Science and Technology

Title: Assistant Professor

Contact Information: 


  • Ph.D. in Geology and Paleobotany, College of Earth Resources, University of Idaho, 1993
  • M.S. in Botany and Paleobotany, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), 1988
  • B.S. in Earth Science, with honors, Wuhan College, P.R. China, 1985

Academic Interests: Using DNA from archeological and paleontological material to address evolutionary questions, ranging from systematic to evolutionary rate; modern DNA and evolutionary paleobiology; molecular response to mammalian species living under extreme conditions; physical environment and endangered species in China.


  • General Science: Learning Science from Nobel Prize Research
  • Environmental Studies in China
  • Earth Science
  • General Biology
  • Physical Geology

Professional Activities:

  • Sloan Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular Biology and Evolution, Department of Biological Sciences, Wayne State University, 1993-95.
  • Visiting Professor, Molecular Evolution Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Faculty of Earth Sciences, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), P. R. China.
  • Principal investigator on tong-term research grant from China Bridges International for research on endangered species in China.
  • Co-Chair and invited keynote speaker on "Symposium on Molecular and Biochemical Methods in Paleobotany" for the VI Conference of International Organization of Paleobotany.
  • Recipient of 2000 Bryant College Merit Award.
  • Yang, H., Hewett-Emmett, D., and Tashian,R.E. (2000) Carbonic anhydrase II deficiency in the red cells of the Beluga whale and llama: Implications for adaptation to oxygen stress. Biochemical Genetics, vol. 37 (in press).
  • Yang, H., and Jin, J. (2000) Phytogeographic history and evolutionary stasis of Metasequoia: geological and genetic data contrasted. Special Contribution to VI Conference of International Organization of Paleobotany (in press).
  • Yang, H. (1999) From fossils to molecules: the Metasequoia tale continues. Arnoldia - Magazine of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University 58/59:60-71.
  • Yang, H., Nevo, E., and Tashian, R.E (1998) Unexpected expression of carbonic anhydrase I and selenium binding protein as the only major non-heme proteins in erythrocytes of the subterranean mole rat (Spalax ehrenbergi). FEBS Letters 430:343-347.
  • Yang, H. (1997) Successful collaboration. (Letter to Science) Science 276:1173 (full content is available at 

For more information, see Professor Yang's web page.

1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917
(401) 232-6000