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Academics:minors programs

Biotechnology Minor

Biotechnology is the commercial application of living organisms (or their products) that involves deliberate manipulation of their DNA. Combining science and business, biotechnology is redefining research and development (R&D) in modern business. It is an ideal niche for students who are seeking positions in technology-based companies that are developing new genetic diagnostics, inventing therapeutic tools, or producing new drugs. The Biotechnology Minor will equip you with necessary science background and technology tools that will add a competitive edge toward your business career. 

With our Biotechnology Minor Program, you will learn the following:

  • Conceptual foundation of biotechnology
  • Hands-on experience on protein analysis and DNA manipulation
  • Fundamentals of genetic and related issues, such as cloning, genetic modified food…
  • Applications of genetics such as forensic DNA typing, genetic and environment…
And many more The Biotechnology Minor is designed to prepare students for positions that are either directly or peripherally involved in the biotechnology industry.  Though extremely diverse, biotechnology companies typically spend five to seven years in the resaerch and development stage without marketable products, relying on licensing agreements, research contracts, and venture capital for revenues.  Business skills and the ability to commiunicate with scientists are essential for success in this field. 

Courses (includes the science requirement)

Choose one of the following:

  • Chemistry SCI 265 (3cr) Nutrition SCI 354 (3cr)
  • Chemistry Lab SCIL 265 (1cr) Human Sexuality SCI 358 (3cr)
  • Biology SCI 251 (3cr) Applied Genetics SCI 3XX (3cr)
  • Biology lab SCIL 251 (1cr) and 
  • Intro to Biotech SCI 356 (3cr) 
Choose one of the following:
  • Biotech Seminar SCI 456 (3cr)
  • Environmental Study in China SCI 385 (4cr) 

Contact Information

Please see

Professor David Betsch, Suite C, 232 6096 (


Professor Hong Yang, Suite C, 232 6223 ( for more information 

Environmental Science Minor

The Environmental Science Minor is designed to prepare students for positions in engineering and consulting firms, in which good communication between science and business staff is essential.  It will also prepare studnets to work for manufacturers who must comply with ever-changing federal and state environmental regulations.  STudents minoring in Environmental Science should take SCI265 and SCIL265, *Chemistry and Lab; SCI262 and SCIL262, *Geology and Lab; SCI351 and SCIL351, *Ecology and Lab; SCI366, Applied Coastal Oceanography or SCI, Applied Environmetnal Geology; and SCI455, Environmetnal Policy.

Students who round out their studies with a Minor in Environmental Science will

  • have developed the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to compete in today's business world.
  • be a valuable asset to the organization as more environmental issues and opportunities are involved in everyday business decisions.
  • have a good foundation for employment with manufacturers or service providers who must comply with the changing environmental regulations. 
They will be prepared for positions in the exciting and fast moving world of environmental engineering and consulting, where effective communication between scientists and  business professionals is essential.


Core Courses (all, two with lab) - acquire technical knowledge for applied courses

  • Physical Geology
  • General Chemistry
  • Ecology
Applied Courses (pick one) - acquire critical thinking skills
  • Coastal Oceanography
  • Env. Studies in China
  • Env. Studies in Belise
Capstone Course (required) - apply technical knowledge and critical thinking skills to real applications
  • Environmental Policy

Contact Information

Please see

Professor Dan McNally, Suite C, 232 ???? (


Professor Gaytha Langlois, Suite B, 232 ???? ( for more information 

1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917
(401) 232-6000