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Commonly asked Questions:

Rush?? What is It?

   Rush is simply a process of making friends.  A decision to go through rush is a decision to become acquainted with the Greek community and established Bryant College students.  By going through rush, you are not committing yourself to join a sorority (or fraternity).  You are simply meeting people, making new friends, and becoming familiar with Greek Life.

How Do I Register For Rush?

    All women must sign up in advance to go through first semester All Sorority Rush.  When you arrive on campus, look for information about registration.  All Sorority Rush allows women to meet all of the chapters through a series of rush events organized by Panhellenic.
    Men do not have to sign up to rush.  IFC will have some all Fraternity Rush events, but for the most part chapters develop their own rush schedule.

What Are Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils?

    Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body of all fraternities.  It is a organization made up of the President and Junior Delegate from every fraternity working together to keep the Greek system strong and growing.  IFC is responsible for maintaining good relationships between fraternities, the campus, and the Smithfield community.

    Panhellenic Council (Panhell) is the governing body of all sororities.  It is very similar to IFC in its goals for the Greek Community.  Panhell is responsible for All Sorority Rush in the fall.

How do i go through rush?

    There will be a schedule of events planned for all men and women who are interested in rushing.  Some events planned include open houses, Greek Week, and a Greek Forum.  It will be very beneficial to you if you attend the scheduled events because it will allow you to meet many Greeks from different organizations.

How Do I Decide?

   Each person looks for different aspects of a particular sorority.  Some chapters are more focused towards athletics, academics, involvement, or friendship.  The choice is up to you.

Before I Join, What Do I Need To Know?

   Along with joining a Greek organization comes certain responsibilities.  Make sure you know of required financial obligations.  Furthermore, you should understand all aspects of membership that are required for initiation into the organization.  If you are unsure about anything, just ask.

How Do I Join?

    For women, the All Sorority rush period ends with bid matching and a bid ceremony planned by Panhellenic.  Once a women accepts a bid, she becomes a new member of that chapter.  if you are not interested in joining a chapter that extends you a bid, you may simple decline.

What Is Membership Education?  

    If a women accepts a bid to a chapter, she becomes a new member of the chapter.  Activities in the membership education process are geared toward bring the new members closer together and getting to know the current members are well as educating new members on important issues such as alcohol, HIV/AIDS, hazing, study skills and diversity.  New Member Education helps new members learn about life, the chapter, and self and helps develop leadership and responsibility.  It last four weeks.

Will My Grades Suffer?

    Academics are the primary reason why students attend Bryant College.  The Greek community realizes this and takes pride in promoting academic excellence.  The IFC and Panhell promote academic excellence through individual and organizational achievement awards.

Is There Hazing?

    Contrary to popular belief, hazing is not a part of Greek Life, and is not the basis of Greek activities.  Phi Sigma Sigma has prohibited all forms of hazing.