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Uncover Your Company's Emerging Problems and Solve Them Before They Explode Into Disaster

Tired of "fighting fires" all the time?  Start "detecting smoke" instead.  The most successful leaders employ a range of tools and techniques so as to discover small problems for they erupt into major catastrophes.  Face it: your most dangerous problems are the ones about which you do not know.  Know What You Don't Know will help you hunt down those hidden, festering issues - the ones that could destroy your organization if you do not discover them soon. 

The book describes the seven skill sets that you need to become a world class "problem-finder."  It describes how successful leaders get past dangerous information filtering; watch how people behave, not just what they say; pick meaningful patterns out of raw data; connect the dots among disparate bits of information; encourage smarter risk taking and "useful failures"; build a culture that welcomes challenges to conventional wisdom; and draw crucial lessons from your organization's "game film."

There are plenty of books about problem-solving, but you cannot solve a problem until you know it exists.   Know What You Don't Know describes how leaders can become effective problem-finders so that they can detect and interrupt the chain of errors that often precedes a major failure.



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"In typical style, Mike Roberto gets right to the heart of a major challenge facing businesses in today's rapidly changing landscape. He provides not only a burning platform for thinking differently, but practical tools for busy leaders to implement following an 'action learning' approach. His engaging storytelling style makes this book not only informative, but fun to read from cover to cover."

Jon Shepherd, Chief Learning Officer, Mars Inc.

Dr. Roberto has skillfully managed to blend in-depth research with his straightforward and enjoyable style, and in doing so painted a masterpiece that should be considered by any institution or individual looking to detect or solve problems. Presenting cases and their lessons from multiple venues, he offers wisdom readily applicable to any arena. Well done."

Duane Deal, Brigadier General, United States Air Force (Retired)