Island Protozoa Studies
Gaytha A. Langlois, Professor of Environmental Policy
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Ongoing Studies of Island Protozoa - Narragansett Bay & Buzzards Bay
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                                             Prudence Island View
Oil Contamination on Prudence Island
Narragansett Bay Estuary Sanctuary
(Site of bioremediation cleanup at a former U.S. Navy Fuel Depot)
Site Description & Analysis
Island located in Narragansett Bay - near mainland
South end of island protected from further development
Map of Prudence Island
Observations on 2 sandy beaches near bioremediation area (1999-Present)
Samples taken from shallow sediments (top 1 cm. sediment)
Physical parameters recorded (temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen)
Hydrocarbon analysis conducted 2000-2001
Phase Contrast Microscopy (live observations)
Assessment of protist populations
Photomicrography & scanning techniques utilized
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Petroleum HCNs will be similar to compounds found in the bioremediation area
Volatile organic compounds will be high as a result of biosparging technique
Oiled communities will resemble those found in earlier mesocosm studies
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General Findings
Oil/gasoline residues are visible in the intertidal zone
Photos of Contaminated Beach

Petroleum HCNs found in intertidal zone are similar to nearby
monitoring wells in bioremediation area

VOCs are present in intertidal samples (BTEX profile),
indicating presence of residues of gasoline
Table I: Petroleum Hydrocarbons Found at Prudence Island Bioremediation Site

Microbial communities are similar to those found in other oil contaminated sites
(emergence of large, diatom-eating ciliates; reduced numbers in selected microinvertebrate populations; high numbers of diatoms)
Figure 1: Microbial Populations in Control & Oiled Intertidal Marine Microbial Communities

Oiled microbial communities are comprised of different species and show
altered community structure and trophic dynamics
Table II.  Differential Species Composition in Control & Oiled Habitats

Studies are ongoing; database will remain accessible via this Web Site
(including previous field and mesocosm studies)
Database (Microbial Species Found in Oiled Communities)

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