THe Amazon River
The Amazon River is home to thousands of exotic species of life.  It is very interesting to see just what is out there, in the jungles of the Amazon.  Here are just a few of the exciting species that inhabit the Amazon River.
When in the Amazon you are sure to see many different kinds of monkeys.
Inia Geoffrensis or commonly known as the "Boto" 

This is a Pink River Dolphin that is of major interest to the endangered species organizations.


In the Amazon you will also find a large variety of birds such as Parrots, Hummingbirds, and Tucans.

Here is some general information about the habitat of the Amazon River.  This river is approximately 6,450 Km long which makes it the second longest in the world.  The vegetation of the Amazon grows rapidly and makes settlement efforts impossible.  The forests of the Amazon are also made up of valuable plants such as hardwood trees and other rare species of plants which are being cleared away causing many environmental problems.  Efforts are being made by conservationists to stop this problem before it is too late.

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