Coastal Environments (Sci366)
Field Trip Assignment
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Field Trip Choices (complete two trips, one of which must be a field visit - two official field trips will be scheduled)

Salt Marsh

Barrier Island or Barrier Beach

Rocky Intertidal Zone

Working Harbor

Mystic Aquarium

Rhode Island Audubon Society Education Center (Bristol, RI)

New England Aquarium (Boston)


Follow report guidelines listed under Assignment #5 for formatting and style

For each trip you need to provide the following:
A set of photographs (2-3 minimum)
A general description of the ecosystem, including a table describing the physical attributes
For aquarium displays, you may choose 2-3 different environments than your field visit
A list of some organisms seen on the field visit or at the aquarium
Your general impressions about the field trip (tidal and wave action)

Contact Professor Langlois if you have any questions

Field Trip Reports Due November 14, 2013
Field Trip Pictures - Fall 2007

Field Trip Pictures - Fall 2008

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