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Team Presentations - Fall 2003-2013

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Salt Marsh Scene

Presentations - Fall 2012 - Coastal Challenges and Solutions

(See Blackboard Website for PowerPoint Presentations)

Team Sand Goons - Lake Erie Coastal Erosion
Team Sharks - Crown of Thorns Population Erosion
Team Cyclones - Coral Reefs and Ocean Acidification
Team Coral Reefers - Shoreline Erosion and Hazardous Storms
Team Crabs- Hurricane Sandy and Northeast Wildlife
Team Jellyfish - Flooding in Providence

Team Seabass - Hanford Nuclear Site

Team Coastal Ecology Crew - Piping Plovers

Presentations - Fall 2011 - Coastal Habitats and Protection Programs

Team Seagulls - Salt Marshes
Team Mermen - Mangrove Swamps
Team Squids - Rockpools
Team Hurricanes - Coral Reefs
Team Mermaids - Sandy Beaches and Dunes
Team Tsunami - Coastal Ponds/Eelgrass Beds

Presentations - Fall 2010 - Technology and the Gulf of Mexico

Team 1 - Oil Spill Cleanup Technologies
Team 2 - Sand Berm Project
Team 3 - Effects on Rivers and Wetlands
Team 4 - Effects on Animals
Team 5 - Effects on Fishing
Team 6 - Types of Contaminants

Presentations - Fall 2008 - Effects of Climate Change on the World's Coastline

Team Zooplankton - Kenya
Team Striped Bass - Thailand
Team Red Tide - Brazil
Team Penguins - Indonesia
Team Coral Reefs - Arctic Ecosystems - Polar Bears
Team Beach Roses - Nile Delta

Presentations - Fall 2006 - Field Trip Observations

Team Algae - Block Island's Coastal Ecosystems
Team Coral Reefers - Aquarium - Reef Mesocosm Tank
Team Shoreliners - Brenton Point
Team Emperors of the Ocean - Sharks and Shorelines
Team Wave - Penguin Exhibit - New England Aquarium
Team Piranhas - Narragansett Bay & Eutrophication
Team Blue Barracudas - Plymouth's Coastal Ecosystems

Presentations - Fall 2005 - Field Trip Observations
Team Erosioners - Mill Creek, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Team Docks - Salt Marshes, Sandwich, Massachusetts
Team Offshore Drilling - Comparison of Beaches in RI, CT, and MA
Team Tide Pools - Black Point, Narragansett, RI
Team Krusty Krabs - Westport Harbor Marine Estuary

Guest Website (Ecology Students) - Threats to Coastal Ecosystems - Ipswich, MA
(Click on "My Webpage" to see a report with excellent aerial maps and dune vegetation photographs)>

Round I Presentations - Fall 2004
Geology, Ecology, and Coastal Pollution
Community Planning - GIS Tools
Jamestown, RI - Salt Ponds
Providence River
Agriculture & Water Supply
USGS/Swimming Beaches/Water Supply
Rose Hill Landfill, South Kingstown, RI
Swimming Beaches
Agricultural Practices

Round II Presentations - Fall 2004
Web Site Links to be Added

Round I Presentations - Fall 2003 - Problems

Ocean Dumping
Storm Flooding and Preventative Measures
Overfishing Problems
Dune Destruction
Sewage Pollution in Coastal Communities
Shoreline Erosion
Marina Expansion in Coastal Zones
Salt Water Intrusion into Freshwater Aquifers

<>Round II Presentations - Fall 2003 - Solutions
Artifical Reefs
Everglades Restoration Project
Causes of Overfishing in the U.S.
Restoration of Salt Marshes
Harbor Management Programs
Eelgrass Restoration Projects on the East Coast
Prevention of Dune Erosion
Effects of Overfishing
Round III Presentations - Fall 2003 - Field Trip Observations

Green Harbor Beach and Rocky Coast
Presumpscot River - Maine
North Wildwood Beach and Dunes
Salt Ponds on Narragansett Bay
Lion Fish - Mystic Aquarium
Boat Meadow Salt Marsh
Dune Erosion: Role of Vegetation
The Ecology of Horsehoe Crabs
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