Coastal Environments (Sci366)
Field Trip Assignment: Fall 2013
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Field Trips to Demonstrate Coastal Ecosystems

(Two Field Trip Reports Due - Seashore Trip - Field Trip Report I)

Sources of Information:

First Hand Observations

Laboratory Observation of Biota From Field Trip Location

Photo Evidence of Field Trip Experience

Prepare electronic document for report - insert illustrations into Word document - submit as an assignment on Blackboard

(1) Describe field trip location (e.g., Salt Marsh, Rocky Intertidal Zone; Working Harbor, etc.).

(2) What type of environment is this? (High energy, low energy, depositional, erosional, etc.)

(3) What are the challenges facing organisms that live in this environment? How do they cope with these challenges?

(4) Describe some associated land and water uses that would be found in this area? How has the land or water use changed the area?
(5) What management programs/plans are in place to preserve the coastal character and prevent deterioration of this location? Be specific.

(6) Include some personal reflections regarding your impressions of this area.

List all references used (including websites that you should name as well as provide the URL reference).

Provide a photograph of yourself at the location.


Field Trip Reports due by 11:30 p.m. on December 3rd

Please submit your reports via Blackboard Turn-It-In Dropbox.

Contact Professor Langlois if you have any questions.

Field Trip Pictures - Fall 2007

Field Trip Pictures - Fall 2008

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