Coastal Environments (Sci366)
PROBLEM 1: Fall 2014
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Public Policy Issues Affecting Coastal Usage Patterns

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Follow report guidelines listed under assignments for formatting and style
Select one aspect of the following problem:
Assessment of hurricane response plans along the East Coast or Gulf Coast of the U.S., as tested by a recent hurricane (in the past few years);

How good was the plan? Did it work? Afterthoughts?

Once you have researched the hurricane response plan for a specific coastal area, identify the physical/geological aspects of the hurricane coming ashore at the location you have selected (see the readings in your Davis texbbook), the ecological implications of storm surges and coastal flooding following such storms (see readings in Bertness), and the policy/economic issues of good or bad coastal planning (see readings in Beatley, et al.). Lastly, you are to make your own personal suggestions as to what the "next step" should be to improve the land use in that area, the disaster response plan, and the implementation.

Visit the Library's Reference Desk for help in tracking down the City or Town's Comprehensive Plan, the State's Land Use Plan, a report on localized FEMA activity, and the NOAA website for tracking the path and impact of the hurricanes. Use proper citation format for reference information.

Submit your paper on SafeAssign on the Blackboard website by 11:59 p.m., Thursday, October 16, 2014.

Contact Professor Langlois if you have any questions.

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