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The Intramural Program provides a vast array of employment opportunities for Bryant students! These include officiating contests, managing equipment rooms, helping with field maintenance and supervising sports.



Bryant College has several opportunities for student involvement through employment. The department sustains over 20 student employees per quarter and is always accepting applications from interested individuals. These positions within the Intramural Program (IM) can offer the Bryant College student an array of skills and mechanics that can be carried over into real world applications. Many employers today are looking for people who can operate in a team environment, effectively communicate with consumers, program management, and can learn to identify and resolve disharmony in a situation. All of these skills can and will be learned by an individual who seeks to become part of the Bryant College Intramural Program. And the great part is, no experience is necessary; we will provide all the necessary training!

So become involved in one of the following positions and see yourself gain more than just the monetary results from working with the Intramural Program.
Intramural Official

The official is the backbone and one of the most important jobs within the Intramural Program. Individuals can be assured that this job will provide an escape from the pressures of school and allow one to interact with their fellow students while learning many of the skills previously mentioned. Bryant College allows members to become part of a team, meet new friends, have an outlet for support, and have a voice within the Intramural Program.
Intramural Supervisor

The supervisor is responsible for actively supervising the evening intramural activities, facilitate play area openings/closings, record results, and troubleshoot problem areas. The supervisors work closely with the Intramural Graduate Assistant in coordinating and implementing programs and special events. They have the responsibility of staff supervision and customer relations in ensuring a quality program for the Bryant College environment.
Intramural Office Assistants

The office assistants oversees the efficient operation of the Intramural Program Office. They record the data, disseminate information to the Bryant College community, and provide technical support to the programming staff. They work with all facets of the Intramural Program, Options Classes, Special Events, and Sport Clubs.
So get involved in the Intramural Program through its many employment opportunities by filling this employment form.
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