Faculty Development
Faculty Development


This is the home of the Bryant University Faculty Development Committee. The duties of this committee are as follows:
  1. review and make recommendations on applications for participation in the Sabbatical Leave Program, the Fellowship Program and for leaves of absence;
  2. review annually and make recommendations on the instrument used for student evaluation of faculty;
  3. make other recommendations related to the development of faculty teaching and research/publication;
  4. recommend criteria for faculty participation in research and/or programs financed by outside grants;
  5. make recommendations related to the provision of developmental programs and events in the area of diversity and globalization.
This site is a work in progress, and will contain a collection of resources for faculty, and a calendar of upcoming events.


  • Thursday 03/10/11: Grant Opportunities Update

    This update includes an opportunity to establish a Partnership in English with Kabul Education University in Afghanistan, the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program and Environmental Education Regional Grants, among others.


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