Model T Ford


In 1903, the Ford Motor Company was established during a period were the automobile was more of a rich man's toy, symbolizing wealth and class in society. Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company changed all this with the Ford Model T. The Model T was developed to become not just a product of consumption but a stepping stone to put all Americans on wheels. Ford watched 1,700 cars roll out of his newly built business, pleasing stock holders who helped make the Ford Company a reality.

By 1906 Ford decided he was going to build a car which would be a commodity for society. That car would be the Model T. He wanted to produce the car at a high level of volume. This little Model T car would become a 2 year process of engineering design and development. Ford went to great lengths to use the very latest in high tech machinery and steel in the development process. He brought the most expensive steel, which were only made on French luxury cars at the time, into the body of the model T. This is why they would never break, because conventual cars would use 60,000 pounds of tensile strength, but in the Model T their was 170,000 pounds of tensile strength.

In 1908 the first Model T was sold for $825. During its first year Ford sold ten thousand vehicles which was a new record for any automobile model. By 1920 Ford was selling the model T for $355, making it equivelant to $2,800 in today's money. By far it was the best bargin in the whole auto industry. On May 26, 1927 Henry Ford watch one the most pronounced products go down his assembly line for the last time. This made it the fifteen millionth Model T that the Ford Company will ever produce in Highland Park, Michigan.

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