What are the major pros and cons to cable modem technology?



The pros to using the cable modem are few, but overwhelming. The most obvious being the speed of the connection, cable modem distributors claim that using a cable connection can increase your connection speed to the web by 250 times. Below is charted and example on how long it would take to download a 10 meg file using different types of connections.

Speeds to transfer a 10-meg file

14.4 modem

1.5 hours

28.8 modem

46 min

56K modem

24 min

4 mbs. Cable modem.

20 seconds

10 mbs. Cable modem

8 seconds

The immense difference in downloading speed is obvious.

The second and less obvious advantage to using a cable modem is that (at least in the 2-way modems) the telephone line is not used. This allows customers to save money by not buying a separate phone line for Internet connecting. It also means that the cable modem user will not experience busy signals when trying to connect to the Internet. That is because of the nature of the connection, the connection through a cable modem is constant, like being in a local area network or LAN.