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Harry Joslin owned 7 mills in the condemned area. Recently his family donated an extensive photographic library of the buildings, their surroundings, and the equipment contained therein to the North Scituate Public Library. As of this writing it has not been catalogued.

The Joslin Manufacturing Company was a world leader in manufacturing shoelaces and corset laces. Joslin's photographic record of his mills and manufacturing facilities in Richmond, Rockland, Clayville, Saundersville, and Johnston, all operating under the name Joslin Manufacturing, were used in his suit for damages and in 1925 he was awarded $1,293,750 in damages. He also owned the Scituate Light & Power Company and received compensation of $431,250.

At the time of condemnation, Joslin owned the Richmond Mill, Rockland Mill, Red Mill, Upper Clayville Mill, Lower Clayville Mill, and Ponaganset Mill. The Scituate Light &;Power Company appears to have been the former owner of the Shoddy Mill, Remington Mill, and Saundersville Privileges. B.B. &;R. Knight owned Jackson Mill, Fiskeville Privilege, Pontiac Bleachery, Natick Mills, and Lippitt Mill. Hope Company owned Hope and Phenix Mills while the Ashland Mill and North Scituate Cotton Mills were independent concerns. Interlaken owned Harris Mill, Arkwright Mill and the Arkwright Finishing &;Dye Works.

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