Dobbs House

Founded by James K. Dobbs Sr. during the depression, Dobbs House became known as the "sleepy giant of the food industry out in Tennessee." Dobbs Sr. became involoved in the food industry as an investor in the Toddle House chain. His chain of restaurant was a chief competitor of Toddle House, yet he eventually bought them out in 1961. His goal was to create an establishment where good food came first, location and advertising second. The chain was known for fresh pies, veggie soup, and home ground hamburg meat.

In plain English, they wanted the reputation of their food to bring their customers. When Dobbs Sr. died, his sons took over, but eventually sold the company to Beech-Nut Life Savers in 1966.

Dobbs House consisted of three divisions, two in airline and restaurant, one in fast food. The airline division often faced pressure because of flexibility of demand in air traffic, and the fast food division faced problems from investors who collectively thought that the fast food industry was doomed, or as they said it, "shark infested waters."


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