HISTORY of Chrysler Corporation



Chrysler Corporation is a major automobile industry stemming from Detroit, Michigan. Walter Chrysler founded it in 1923. At this time he acquired Maxwell-Chalmers and used to be part of Buick. He was a hard worker who became successful making cars bearing his name.

The first car produced by Chrysler was in 1924. It was a six cylinder with hydraulic brakes. The car sold 43,000 at $1645. It was a popular automobile due to its spectacular potential of 70 mph. Many cars were produced during this time due to increasing competition. A beautiful Imperial was soon built and sold for $3095 in 1926.

Chrysler soon realized they needed to better market their products. They hoped to become a leading competitor in the automobile industry along with Ford, Dodge, and General Motors. They did so by producing the Plymouth, Four, and DeSoto Six in 1928. With increased production Chrysler sold 98,000 cars in 1929. As competition increased so did the ideas by Chrysler Corporation. They soon began innovating their automobiles by adding accessories which became a major impact on the industry. They created straight 8 cylinders, automatic clutches, free wheels, along with engine and overdrive repairs. In 1934 a breakthrough came with the 8 cylinder Airflow which sold for $1345. It had many accessories such as luggage compartments, seats, aerodynamic shape, and headlamps. Many new lines began to surface with different styles such as "…independent front suspension and hypoid rear axles (1937), steering-column gear-change (1939), and optional fluid drive from 1939 onward (refer to source 6)."

During the 1940's Chrysler began producing an excessive amount of cars. They became extremely competitive with Buick, while selling cars in the price range of $1295 for a Windsor to $3965 for a Crown Imperial limousine. While automobile production increased, Chrysler began searching for alternatives. He tried to separate his line from the basic car. He came up with some interesting sedans like the "Town and Country" while also producing convertibles with wooden exterior trim in the look of a station wagon.

"In 1951 America's most powerful car and engine was raced by Allard and Cunningham (refer to source 6)." Also Chrysler Corporation brought about products such as the automatic transmission and push button control layouts for cars in the years of 1956 to 1965. Chrysler noticed a loss in style in their automobiles so they changed their production line in 1954. They created a line of "300" coupes and convertibles in order to compete with Ford's Thunderbird. They also looked into expansion in Europe during the 1960's. They formed an overseas venture, Chrysler Australian Ltd., in which they surfaced a special Royal model for Australians. Their cars were priced anywhere between three and four thousand dollars in 1968 allowing them to continue their competitive nature.

Overall Chrysler has become a major automobile corporation. They have created some spectacular cars throughout the years. In the 1980's as well as the 1990's they continued to change features and upgrade automobiles. They have increased production and looked forward to satisfying customers along with remaining profitable.