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Office of Conferences & Special Events


Bryant offers a range of options for summer conference guests. The Conference staff will work with you to determine the best style and type of residence hall for your participants.

Residence Halls 1 - 13 are suite style halls with three double bedrooms, a shared bath and living room area. Most of the suite village does not offer air-conditioning.

Residence Halls 14 and 15 are traditional style residence halls with double bedrooms along a hallway with a shared bath at the end of each hallway. Each of these halls has a large central lobby and multiple lounges throughout. Both buildings are fully air-conditioned.

Residence Hall 16 is a suite style residence hall. The majority of suites in the building contain 4 2-bed sleeping rooms, a shared living room, and a bathroom. Residence Hall 16 has a large central lobby and is fully air-conditioned.

The Townhouse apartments offer 4 bedrooms (2 double rooms and 2 singles in each unit), 2 bathroom, kitchen, dining area and living room. The townhouses are built around a central courtyard area. All townhouses are air-conditioned.

Although the University offers several housing options on campus, some guests prefer to stay at one of the many hotels within the local area. For a list of off-campus accommodations click here.

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