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Telephone Guidelines

Bryant University provides telephone service for the purpose of conducting official University business. The telephone gives an employee the opportunity to further good public relations for Bryant University. It is expected that employees will be courteous to the individual by telephone. Official telephone calls should be brief in nature, i.e., the time it takes to accomplish the purpose of the telephone call. Our policy permits reasonable usage of the telephone service, including emergency calls and those calls in the best interest of Bryant University. Due to the heavy demands on University telephone facilities, personal calls should be kept to a minimum. Employees are encouraged to follow the guidelines as defined.

  1. Official business calls include calls that are (a) in the best interest of the University and (b) emergency calls. A call may be considered as authorized "in the best interest of the University" if it meets the following criteria:
    • It does not adversely affect the performance of official duties by the employees and/or the University.
    • It is both reasonable in duration and frequency.
    • It could not reasonably have been made during non-work hours.
  2. Implementation, monitoring, and compliance with the telephone policy are the responsibility of the administration of Bryant University. The Telecommunications Department will provide the necessary reports for achieving policy compliance. These reports list all local and long distance telephone calls. Each month a telephone cost reports will be generated and provided to Vice Presidents or Department Heads.
  3. For a complete description of university telephone (voice) services click here to view.

You may NOT use your Telephone:

  1. In a manner that violates any law, regulation, treaty or tariff.
  2. In a manner that violates the rules, regulations and policies of any network, or service provider that you access through your Bryant telephone.
  3. In a manner that is defamatory, fraudulent, indecent, offensive or deceptive.
  4. To threaten, harass, abuse or intimidate others.
  5. To damage the name or reputation of Bryant University, affiliates, and subsidiaries.
  6. To break security on any telecommunications equipment, or to access any telecommunications services that does not belong to you.
  7. To resell voice services.

Bryant University reserves sole discretion to determine whether any use of the service is a violation of this policy.

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