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Mobile Telephones/PDAs

Service Description

Information Services (IS) provides Smartphone and PDA configuration support services to University departments and staff. Our services extend to University owned mobile devices as described in the mobile device support matrix:Click here to view

IS does not provide any support on basic cell phones nor does it make repairs to any mobile devices. It is the responsibility of the mobile device user to deal directly with an authorized service center to replace or repair damaged or defective devices.

Service Owner

Helpdesk / Telecommunications Services

Service Level Objectives

  • Administrative availability: Standard/Business Hours: M-F, 8:30am - 4:30pm EST
  • Mobile devices should be dropped off at the helpdesk for configuration and setup of University services. Turnaround time varies but is usually no more than one business day.


University departments and authorized staff. A University provided cell phone requires supervisor approval. The supervisor has the authority to allow the employee to purchase the phone from the University in the event the employee leaves the employment of the University. The selling price of the phone will be determined by the University based on the prevailing price for a similar used model.


Bryant recognizes that we are in an age of unlimited global opportunity. As Bryant continues to collaborate globally promoting its international business programs and global diversity, we see more international travel for our employees. Because of this, we require that all Bryant University cell phones be "global ready". Bryant will provide international voice, text and data on smartphones for the time of travel. The extra charge for this service will be charged to that employees department. The employee must contact Telecommunications to request the international plan be added to their phone with the dates of travel a few days in advance of their travel. The university does not provide international cellular data plans for laptops or tablets. It is recommended that the employee uses the hotel Wi-Fi in the country they are traveling to.

For information concerning device connectivity and/or compatibility, please consult with the Helpdesk or Telecommunications Services group.

Customer Responsibilities

Implementation, monitoring, and compliance with the telephone policy are the responsibility of the administration of Bryant University. Users are urged to follow best practice guidelines and University policies when utilizing University services from mobile platforms.

The activation and suspension of mobile services is the responsibility of the user department. Immediately report lost or stolen mobile devices to the Helpdesk. To suspend service contact:

  • AT&T Mobility 800-331-0500
  • Verizon 800-295-1614

Related Charges

Charges are dependent upon device and plan(s) selected. Insurance is available when purchasing cell phones. The University allows the department budget manager/supervisor to make the determination of purchasing insurance. All charges are billed to the department. Device warrantee and service repair plans are available through the equipment provider. For information on devices and service plans:

For Further Information or to Request Any Service

Contact the Helpdesk
Phone: x24357
Web: Helpdesk homepage
Self Service: HEAT Service Request
Walk-In: Unistructure, 3nd Floor, Standard/Business Hours: M-F, 8:30am - 4:30pm EST

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