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R.I. and Massachusetts

Rhode Island is known as the "Ocean State" and its natives love Narragansett Bay, as evidenced by repeated approval of bond issues designed to protect this highly valued treasure. However, the Bay's watershed comprises all of the state's rivers, along with streams in Massachusetts. Thus, Bryant and other state universities are contributing to the quality of Narragansett Bay, as are all the cities and towns in Rhode Island.



Groundwater and Land Use

Because Rhode Island relies heavily on aquifers for its freshwater supply, it is even more essential that the state and its people monitor what and how they protect watersheds, maintain forests, manage land use, and dispose of waste. Challenges to Rhode Island and Massachusetts include the need for developing effective public transportation, improving energy efficiency, implementing renewable energy applications, and rethinking effective land use.

Opportunities for Volunteer Service

There are many opportunities for students to volunteer or arrange for internships with the environmental organizations listed in the sidebar at the left.