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Global Issues

There are countless problems facing the world, especially in regards to global warming. What is global warming and why is it such a big deal?

Global Warming

Global warming refers to increased temperatures in the earth's atmosphere, continental landforms, and the oceans, with secondary consequences such as melting of sea ice, alpine glaciers and permafrost in arctic regions, damage to coral reefs, and shifts in range for animals and plants. Climate change can also result as ocean currents and air currents are affected.

Tragedy of the Commons

One of the leading causes of global warming is the "Tragedy of the Commons," as explained by Garrett Hardin. The Tragedy of the Commons refers to self-interest eventually destroying shared limited resources, essentially humans taking what they want from the Earth without showing any consideration of replenishing what has been taken. An example of the Tragedy of the Commons is deforestation or oceanic oil spills.


Living on the Earth in a manner that can allow for future generations to share in the same resources that we enjoy. By recycling, using energy efficiency, minimizing waste, developiing renewable energy, and using green building techniques we can provide for present needs without destroying future potential.