Meeting Numbers and Dates
1 - 9/25/02
2 - 10/02/02
3 - 10/09/02
4 - 01/29/03
5 - 02/05/03
6 - 02/19/03
7 - 04/02/03


First, we discused possible fundraisers at Panera Bread and Papa Gino's. 
The Panera fund raiser is us selling coupons for products, and then we keep
half the products.  The Papa Gino's fund raiser is one where we pass out
coupons, like UNO's, to solicit customers.  We then get 20 % of the
proceeds.  We will be discussing these further in future meetings.

For the trip to the Met, we will be driving to the MetroNorth station in New
Haven, CT, and taking it to Grand Central.  This will be on April 5th, with
a cost of $11.50 each way/ person.  The departure/arrival times to get to
Grand Central are 12/1:40, 1/2:40, and 2/3:40.  While the departure/arrival
times for getting back to the station are 7:07/8:54, 7:34/9:16, 8:07/9:50,
and 9:07/10:50.  We will have to decide later which trains we will take.

It has been suggested that we use the reimbursements from the Boston MFA
trip, along with other money we raise during the semester, for the
Make-A-Wish foundation here at Bryant.  This fundraiser makes a wish come
true for a terminally ill child.  The donation is not mandatory, but we have
the chance to collect a decent amount of money for a good cause.

Also, dues are due to Yan...$5.00...turn them in soon if you can.
Next meeting is this Wednesday at Nick's Place

If you are interested in any of the activities listed above, or want to make suggestions or comments, email the AA President, Alina, at: