• Ama Amponsah, Ghana

    Amponsah discusses the challenges she faced moving to the United States and encountering racism, her struggles setting up her own variety store, and working to raise a family in a new country.

  • Julius Kolawole, Nigeria.

    Kolawole has been an active member of the African community in Rhode Island for the past twenty years. He also comes from a royal family in Nigeria that highly values education.

Latest Participants and Projects

  • Munir Mohammed, Ghana

    The artist Munir Mohammed discusses his life as an artist, painting portraits of world leaders, and his project to paint murals around Rhode Island.

  • Ndumba Kamwanyah, Namibia

    Kamwanyah disucsses growing up in the struggle for independence in Namibia during the 1970s and 1980s and becoming a student activist.

  • Komlan Soe, Liberia

    Growing up in refugee camps in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, Soe had to struggle to attain an education and arrive in the United States.

Link to the Community

There are many ways to connect to the African community in the United States. Here are a few of them:

ADA News and Information

  • Upcoming interview with Virgile Mahoro, Rwanda.

    Mahoro is active member of Rhode Island community who works internationally as a translator for various organizations. Recently he traveled to Kenya and Botswana to provide translate at various conferences. Read more...

  • Guide on how to use ADA

    The guide provides information on ways to make use of the African Digital Archive. For students, researchers, faculty, or anyone else interested in learning about the African community, there is plenty of material to use. Read more...