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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic excellence is a hallmark of Bryant University. Excellence is embodied in the teaching and research of the faculty and in the accomplishments of our students.

The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs provides oversight and direction for all educational programs at Bryant University -- undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as extension programs, continuing education serving the business community, and programs for executive development.

Bryant University offers five undergraduate programs as well as four degrees at the graduate level through the College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. Bryant also offers an extensive program of professional and executive level educational programs through the Executive Development Center. Additionally, Bryant College makes a major effort in providing service and business outreach to the regional business community through partnerships and sponsorship of activities such as the Rhode Island Small Business Development, the Chafee Center for International Business, and the RISD and Bryant Center for Design and Business.

Dr. V.K. Unni
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Elizabeth Powers
Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Katie Craig
Academic Budget Manager

Susan Wandyes
Administrative Secretary


College of Arts and Sciences College of Business
David Lux Jack Trifts

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dean, College of Business

Keith Murray


Associate Dean

Kimberly Keyes Marcia Beaulieu

Administrative Secretary

Administrative Secretary

Wendy Samter Dennis Bline
Communication Accounting
Sam Mirmirani Hal Records
Economics CIS
Terri Hasseler Betty Yobaccio
English/Cultural Studies Finance
Phyllis Schumacher Lori Coakley
Mathematics Management
Dan McNally Charlie Quigley
Science & Technology Marketing
Gregg Carter  
History/Social Sciences  
Ron Deluga  
Applied Psychology