May 28

After the long train ride, we finally got off around 6 AM, in Weifang, Shandong Province. We meet Dr. Yang's old friend, Mr. Sun Bo who took us to a local hotel restaurant for breakfast. The food was very good. Then we went to The Weifang History Museum, which last opened less than a year. At the museum there were pictures and explanations about the early communist party leaders including a picture of Edgar Snow, the well-known American journalist who wrote a lot about Mao Zedong. There were also many art exhibits from the Ching Dynasty. This museum has 8,000 years of local historical exhibits, supported by archeological findings and historical documents. After touring the museum, we went straight to the Museum of Kites, which illustrates the origin and wonders of the kite world. Weifang is famous for its international kite festival in late April, which brings fame, tourists, and most important, money to the city. After that we went to a small garden that was very uniquely designed and was from the Ching Dynasty. It was created around 1860 and privately owned ever since, but now it is government owned and is a national treasury. We then went to eat with Dr. Yang's same friends. At the restaurant we had a chance to eat snake skin and whole young chickens. Then everyone was very tired from the train ride so we came to the hotel.

By Sang Yoon Choi
our cozy compartments.


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